The Tears of Things

The Broken Object/The Tears of Things


Café Morte are beginning a collection of broken objects, of things that can’t be put back together and would like to invite you to respond by sending a photograph and short piece of text (100 words) by December 8th to or visit us with your broken object on 10th or 11th December at Exchange Gallery in Penzance.

It is thought that objects absorb the life of their owners, the psychic life of the person they belong to. Our sadness and loss gets transferred into the objects we have in our lives containing the ghostly trace of emptiness. What does it signify when they get broken? We often hold onto the broken object, the fragmented pieces. Perhaps we see our own fragility and mortality symbolically reflected in what is broken?

The Tears of Things collection of broken objects and text will be initially exhibited as part of The Exchange Gallery Christmas makers market on 10th and 11th December 2016. Our intention is for the broken object to initiate conversation and dialogue around the emotional value and attachment we have to something that is broken in our lives. The collection will form the beginning of a growing body of research relating to death and our attachments to broken objects.


Sunday 11th December 2.00 – 4.00

Members of the public are invited to bring in a broken object that they are attached to- an antiques road show of broken objects often with no material value. The objects will form the basis of a discussion led by Café Morte research group.

CAFE MORTE is a research group led by Mercedes Kemp and Lucy Willow, undergraduate and postgraduate students from Falmouth University, curators and artists. Its central focus is to discuss the rich and varied themes of death found in art and literature. We have adopted the model of the recently popular Death Cafes, which have arisen worldwide as a meeting place in which to discuss death over a cup of tea.


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